Supervisor, Digital Printing and Delivery Services at Peel District School Board

Supervisor, Digital Printing and Delivery Services

Toronto, ON

Permanent, full-time position

If you’re an experienced supervisor with knowledge of warehouse and mail room operations and printing processes, and a customer service focus, this is an exciting opportunity to play a key leadership role with us

Reporting to the Manager of Digital Printing and Delivery Services, and working from two locations, with frequent site visits, you’ll have overall responsibility for the daily delivery of Printing, Moving and Courier services, and provide support in the daily coordination of the Department's operations and service sectors. This will entail undertaking full managerial responsibilities and duties in the Manager’s absence.

As Supervisor, Digital Printing and Delivery Services, you’ll also oversee the weekly coordination of shredding and document storage of Central Board Office confidential materials, and the maintenance of paper usage records for the annual Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) audit, coordinate the daily processing of printing and delivery work orders, and modify the courier routes. An excellent communicator and skilled problem-solver, you’ll direct and supervise the activities of unionized staff, respond to customer service issues from vendors and complaints from stakeholders (other department managers, school administration), as well as recommend and develop improvements to the Department's online request systems.


With a degree or diploma in Print/Graphic Communications, or Digital Media or Print Production, or equivalent educational qualifications plus several years’ related experience, and no fewer than three (3) to five (5) years of experience in digital print production and warehousing, or a similar work environment, you have a solid foundation for success in this key role. As Supervisor, Digital Printing and Delivery Services, you’ll also draw upon leverage the following experience, knowledge and skill set:

Salary range: $69,211 - $86,515 per annum (under review)

To apply for the position of Supervisor, Digital Printing and Delivery Services, please complete an online application through">Apply To Education Your completed application package on Apply to Education must include your cover letter, resume and supporting educational credentials. Applications must be received no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday, October 8, 2021.

We are racially, culturally and linguistically diverse board that serves 155,000+ students and approximately 17,000 employees. We have 257 schools, 217 of which are elementary and 42 are secondary. In PDSB, 87% of students are racialized, non-white, representing 162 different ethnic backgrounds. Students in Peel have 121 different first languages. Student diversity also exists in terms of gender and gender expression, sexuality, ability and faith. A responsive and empathetic understanding of the lived experiences of the students and communities we serve is vital to those who will take on leadership roles within the PDSB. The workforce consists of teachers, office staff, custodial staff, education assistants and professional staff. The workforce is largely unionized, with the majority of employees belonging to numerous bargaining units. The Board’s strategic plan includes four pillars: high expectations for achievement; parent, community and staff engagement; equity and inclusion; and safe, positive healthy climate/well-being. Although Equity and Inclusion is a separate pillar within the strategic plan, equity and inclusion is also the lens through which all areas of the strategic plan must be seen, internalized and understood. The Board is committed to equity, inclusion, and dismantling systemic inequities that lead to marginalization and oppression of students from specific identity groups and with certain lived experiences.

Commitment to Equity, Anti-Oppression and Anti-racism

Our company is committed to equity in employment. We are committed to equitable hiring practices that allow us to hire qualified staff who reflect the full diversity of the Region of Peel. We will provide reasonable accommodation (e.g., an accessible location, rescheduling of interviews that fall on Days of Significance, etc.) based on any of the human rights protected grounds, during the hiring process if advised in advance.

We are also committed to inclusion, anti-oppression and anti-racist practices while also supporting the continuous growth and development of an equitable and empowered education system at the PDSB.

Criminal Background Check

Successful candidates must provide a satisfactory Criminal Background Check prior to commencing employment. Please review the requirements at the">CRC"> > link.

Recruitment Process

We appreciate the interest of all applicants, but will only be contacting candidates whose skills, experience and qualifications best meet the requirements of the position. When contacted, candidates will be provided with an overview of the various elements of the selection process; such as, test and skill demonstrations. All communication to applicants regarding this job posting, including an invitation to complete skills assessments and/or a job interview if applicable, will be made through email.