Digital Marketing Specialist / Social Media Communications at Renovation Trust

Digital Marketing Specialist / Social Media Communications

Mississauga, ON

We are looking for an enthusiastic and competent Social Media Marketing Specialist to shape and protect our corporate image in ways that promote our business, values and mission. You’ll be responsible for content creation, social media marketing, online brand management,  media relations and collaborating with our  teams in promotional activities.
We want to see candidates who can impress us with their copywriting and presentation skills. You will be phenomenal at communicating and customer service. We’ll be on the lookout for experience in corporate communications, project management and social media. Throw a lot of enthusiasm and a pleasant personality into the mix and you’ll be our ideal candidate.
The goal is to maintain positive public awareness of our brand.

Our company is out to change the way home renovations take place. From the East to the West coast of Canada we want to help both homeowners and construction contractors have more successful home renovations. We make sure that homeowners get the job they pay for and we help contractors get paid for doing their jobs. We may be a new startup but our team is anything but... we have experience launching and running very successful long standing companies that are still running today. We are setting out to change the way things are done and now we need you to help us make that happen! 
** We would love all the things that we have below but we also know that the perfect person for us may not have all this. So go ahead and impress us... show us why you think we should take a chance on you if you don't have all this... after all, this is a creative role ;)
Why Work Here:
If we didn't already tell you how awesome we are then here goes:
** Currently working hybrid in office and part at home. Min 2-3 days per week in office in Mississauga, ON. May be more frequent during initial training and as required by the company **

We are working to build and do something not seen in Canada and we want to make real change to an industry riddled with problems and we want to do that with great people on our team. It is going to take a lot of hard work, effort, problem solving and great ideas and we want only those willing to drive and push with us to succeed to be by our sides. 

If you can be the best at your role and help those around you be better too then we will support you as best we can. We provide great top compensation, benefits, an office with free parking, a fridge stocked with drinks and copious amounts of coffee and tea (because we know caffeine helps sometimes). We celebrate successes as a team and reward those who go above and beyond. We don't have ping pong tables and we aren't catering in lunch everyday (although sometimes we do and the Big Boss loves Chinese food). What we are is hard working, we have some good laughs and we make great software with great people to provide a great service. 
Apply today and show us why you think you are the best person to join our team!