Manual Machinist at Peterson Machine and Supply Inc.

Manual Machinist

Thunder Bay, ON

We are looking for our next Manual Machinist. We’ve been in business since 1981 and have become an innovative industry leader in the field. We offer unmatched manufacturing and rebuilding services across all sectors, including pulp and paper, mining, and municipal services.

We are a forward-thinking company, with strong, progressive leadership. We believe in employee engagement, loyalty, work-life balance, and creative freedom. All our employees are encouraged to bring new ideas and insights to the job, and no one is ever bored with their work here.

Working here also means experiencing all of the benefits of living in Thunder Bay – phenomenal access to every winter sport, incredible summer’s full of camping, fishing, and hunting, and a laid back, low cost of living, not far removed from the amenities of a big city - just way less commuting and traffic.


Role & Expectations:

As our newest machinist, your goal is to bring your significant mechanical and technical skills to the table to help raise the level of the entire team. You have a passion for conventional machining, and you possess the focus and attention to detail necessary to work within extremely tight tolerances.

You’re genuinely interested in every aspect of the trade, and are always seeking to learn, develop, and improve your already considerable skills. You take a thoughtful and intelligent approach to your work and have the rare ability to think on your feet quickly. You can assess problems and challenges on the fly, and get the job done with highest level of quality.

Required Qualifications: