General Internal Medicine Physician at All Nations Health Partners

General Internal Medicine Physician

Kenora, ON

Lake of the Woods District Hospital in Kenora, Ontario  is a 66-bed fully accredited community teaching hospital located on the northern shores of beautiful Lake of the Woods. As the second largest health centre in Northwestern Ontario, Kenora provides services to approx. 70,000 people in the Kenora area and neighbouring communities.

We are seeking a permanent full time General Internist to join our team!

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Enjoy a Robust & Rewarding clinical experience!

Diagnose a STEMI, manage MRSA bacteremia, treat a case of idiopathic angioedema, follow a patient with liver failure, run a code blue, advise on a case of rheumatoid arthritis in pregnancy, call week is never routine!

Take on the challenge of diagnosing undiagnosed cases in the clinic: from psoriatic arthritis to relapsing polychondritis; from periodic fever syndrome to cyclical vomiting syndrome, or simply diagnose a posterior circulation stroke in a patient with vertigo; there is no lack of intellectual stimulation.

As the only Internal Medicine Specialist Service in town, build on your expertise by managing every medical sub-specialty.

You will be Supported! Our hospital and family medicine clinics are staffed with dynamic and collegial physicians and allied health professionals with in-depth skills that come with Kenora’s proud tradition of full-spectrum rural Family Medicine. You can also expect professional but laid back and friendly staff in keeping with the spirit of a small town.

Why not plan a visit! Come and see for yourself all that Kenora has to offer! Contact us today to arrange a Community Assessment Visit!