Site Supervisor at Kilmarnock Enterprise

Site Supervisor

Smiths Falls, ON

The Site Supervisor will be responsible for the supervision of all activities that take place on the work site, ensuring high standards of workmanship and efficiency. The Site Supervisor will be responsible for the management of all on-site workers and enforcement of all required safety and work regulation policies. All work crews and individuals on-site shall take direction from the site supervisor, who is responsible for assigning required work and applying resources to accomplish that work.  Site Supervisors are responsible for the efficient use of labor, machines, and materials by their crews, and will report on such things as personnel, costs and safety.  Other responsibilities will include the planning and scheduling of work, maintain records of all materials used and the progress made on a job.  While this job is mainly a position of supervision and management, the Site Supervisor will be required to assist in project work on an as needed basis.  Site Supervisors must be familiar with customer contracts and procedures.


Company Values

 TRUST means we will trust each other to be accountable for our actions. We accept the consequences of our actions and inactions. We realize we are not perfect. When we err, we will admit our error and learn from it.

 RESPECT means we will respect the dignity of each other, our clients, our suppliers and everyone we come in contact with.

 INTEGRITY means that as a corporation and as individuals we will always do what is right. If we have to ask ourselves the question, “is this right”, we already know the answer.

PROFESSIONALISM means we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner in all of our dealings, so that as members of our team we can always be proud of the way we conduct ourselves with everyone inside and outside the company.


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